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Dt. padma kathi

About Us

Padma Kathi is a Dietitian based in Ahmedabad, India. She is a weight loss diets expert. She is helping people to reach to their health related goals with her balanced yet yummy diets plans, as per lifestyle & with moderate physical activity.

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How It Works

How It Works

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Post Pregnancy Nutrition Consultancy

Have you just delivered baby, and not sure about your diet and your baby’s development? This diet plan is for you.

Pregnancy Nutrition Counseling

Are you pregnant, and not sure about your diet and your baby’s development? This diet plan is for you.

Stress Integrative Nutrition Therapy

Food reflect's your behavior. If you are stressed and want to live a healthy and stress free life, we have this diet plan for your worries.

Group Consultation

Meet new, like-minded people to hit your goals together. Connect from anywhere in the world and start achieving your health goals

If they can, so can you

Creating diet plans that lead to lifestyle changing experiences

Country : India

Diabetes Management : Reduced from 210 to 135-140

Weight Loss: Lost 15 Kgs

Cholesterol: Reduced from 230 to 180

“Dr Brambhatt, working as a Cardiologist, Age: 61yrs. He had been suffering from Obese, Hypoglycemia (uncontrolled sugar level), Hyperlipidemia (High Cholesterol level), Knee pain, Low energy for 10 years. I have provided healthy diet plan and moderate physical activity practices. Those helped him in reducing weight, cholesterol level, controlled sugar levels and gained energy and got huge relief from knee joint pain.”

Country : India

Weight Loss: Lost 25.5 Kg

“My self Tarang Shah, Age:42. I was over weight before starting diet plan. Due to sedentary life style and unhealthy eating habits, my weight was increased to 107.5 Kg. I started my journey with Dt Padma, started following her diet plan. She has given simple home made precipices. She also taught healthy eating habits. I also started my workouts activity along with diet. I gained energy and reduced fat. Lost total 25.5 Kg of weight. Maintaining weight now.”